Ready for RootsTech Connect: Behind the scenes

So you have registered for RootsTech Connect however you feel you have little idea about how this is going to work.

Behind the scenes

It is now 13 days to RootsTech and behind the scenes, many people are rushing to pull so many parts together. There are keynote speakers, session speakers, 11 language streams, a virtual exhibition hall, a shop, registrations, videos, emails, and loads more to organise. One important part is building a website that thousands from around the world can use at the same time to participate in RootsTech Connect.

Recently Wendy Smedley, Bryan Austad, Curtis Barlow and the Director of RootsTech, Jen Allen did a live video that is now available to view at YouTube. They shared much about how RootsTech will work. They share website prototypes of how it would it was looking so far, key menu items and navigation, how you can interact and the experience you can individualise for yourself.

While the video gives you a taste of what is to come, expect further changes as they are looking to make sure you have the best virtual experience possible.

How do you get ready, behind the scenes, for RootsTech Connect 2021?

Have you registered? If you haven’t registered then go to the 14 days to RootsTech Connect Blog Post for more details.

Now check out the Behind the Scenes with the RootsTech 2021 Conference on YouTube.

Go to YouTube to find out more about: Behind the Scenes with the RootsTech 2021 Conference
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Preparing for a RootsTech conference is worth the effort

AFran Kitto and Jan Allen, RootsTech ConferenceDirectors a regular RootsTech attendee for many years and in 2019 & 2020 a RootsTech Ambassador, I can attest to the amount of work that goes into bringing a successful conference to you. I also know that if you put in some preparation you will get far more benefit from the conference.

I am really looking forward to sharing with you more to help with your conference preparation.

One of the benefits of being a RootsTech ambassador is I got to have my photo taken with the RootsTech Conference big boss, Jen Allen. Read my full RootsTech ambassador disclaimer here.