#AtoZChallenge V for Volleyball Versus Vegetables

Volleyball Versus Vegetables

Today I have shared two Instagram pics. The prompt for the first one was to show something from my childhood.  I shared this image from the Upper Hutt College school magazine of the volleyball team that I played in at high school.  Family historians do a happy dance when school magazines have been digitised and shared online. In case you are wondering, I’m number 8.

Volleyball Versus Vegetables

Another time I shared a picture of the vegetables in my garden. I’m sure that people researching family history in the future might like to see the photo of the volleyball team but the vegetable garden will be a less exciting find.

My Vegatable Garden

By the way my garden does not usually look this lush.

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  1. The veges look terrific and there is something about photos of school sports teams that dates them. You can tell the decade from the pigtails, long white socks ….

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