#AtoZChallenge W for Wildlife in the Backyard

Wildlife in the backyardW for Wildlife in the Backyard

We get lots of different animals visiting our home. Fortunately most stay outside. This is a big black parrot.  They usually come in pairs.

We have a number of green frogs and the other day I saw a blue tongued lizard. In our last place we saw poisonous brown and red belly black snakes. The brown snakes loved laying eggs in the warm compost bin. Poisonous red back spider occasionally visit too.

I am wary gardening and don’t wonder around in the dark. Fortunately most of the dangerous animals keep away from humans most of the time.

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I welcome comments.  Any wildlife visiting your backyard?

10 thoughts on “#AtoZChallenge W for Wildlife in the Backyard”

  1. Wow, amazing…and I thought it was a big deal to have raccoons and possum in my neighborhood 🙂 Glad you are being careful when gardening! And thank you for your supportive comments on my posts.

    1. Fortunately we don’t see the dangerous ones much but it still take the fun out of relaxed gardening when you need to be watching all the time.

  2. The parrot’s beautiful! The wildest creature we have visiting occasionally is a mongoose. They’re wary of humans though so don’t usually get close. We see them scurrying across the lawn, stopping to stand tall and peer around! Too cute.

    1. Thanks for visiting. I enjoyed you W post. I have on seen weaving on the TV. I had a blanket my Uncles family made from the shearing the wool, spinning and weaving. I was minding it for a cousin but gave it back.

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