Best Facebook Family History Finds for June

Family History Finds from the June 2015 Caloundra Family Facebook Page

These are the best finds worth saving from the first 2 weeks of June 2015 that were posted on the Caloundra Family History Facebook page.

    • Struggling with a name place that you are not sure of about? Then try out Fuzzy Gazetteers. Search on a place name using a phonetic guess of the spelling and then search. You can also limit to countries and some features but remember boundaries do change over time.
    • Update: the earlier link does currently work
      JCR Gazetteers helps find places
    • If you use an iPad, iPhone or Android device, then here is a list of Apps (Applications) that might help your genealogy.
      Update: Link no longer available 27 May 2019. Now try the FamilySearch Solutions Gallery.
      Family Search Apps
    • Understanding Scottish Naming Patterns.
    • Looking to find Births, Deaths Or Marriage details for Germany? Cyndi’s List has just what you need.
    • This website has some interesting history about Caloundra that can help add to your family history story. (No longer available.)
      History: Caloundra, Sunshine Coast, Queensland, Australia
  • 99% of a child’s awesomeness comes from their grandma… just saying.
    Genie Joke Family History Finds
  • FridayFlashbacksFriday Flashback this week is from the Illawarra Branches December 2000 number 65. Included was a Letter from AFFHO about their general education program to save the census. The letter even included a floppy disk with the SAVE OUR CENSUS notice artwork.It was so long since I had used floppy disks I had forgotten the sizes. “Floppy disks, initially as 8-inch (200 mm) media and later in 5¼-inch (133 mm) and 3½-inch (90 mm) sizes, were a ubiquitous form of data storage and exchange from the mid-1970s well into the 2000s.” (Source: Wikipedia)
  • Tasmanian Resource for Female Convicts.
    Female Convicts Research Centre
  • 20 reasons to write your family history.
    No. 1 – You’ll feel wiser.
    20 Reasons Why You Should Write Your Family History
  • Long weekend FREE access to Ancestry UK records. Go for it.
  • Why Baroness Scott proposed BMD change EXCLUSIVE from the Lost Cousins Newsletter. The Baroness is doing her own family research and now is working on an amendment to the Deregulation Bill so certificates from the General Register Office (GRO – UK) less expensive, YES LESS EXPENSIVE and more appropriate service for family historians. Here hoping she is successful.
    Why Baroness Scott proposed BMD change EXCLUSIVE from the Lost Cousins Newsletter.
  • What makes a surname ‘Cornish’?
    What makes a surname Cornish with Family History Finds
  • Have you broken down a brick wall recently? Leave a comment if your have a tip, suggestion, story or source you found useful in breaking down your brick wall.
    Brick Walls
  • Australia Gets Ready for More Big Genealogy Events. Are you going to any?
    Australia Gets Ready for More Big Genealogy Events
  • Family History talks available online: Check out Irish place names with Geraldene O’Reilly from the Auckland Libraries, NZ. Geraldene is the Convenor of the New Zealand Society of Genealogists (NZSG) Irish Interest Group.
  • I caught the end of an interview on the local ABC Sunshine Coast Radio today about research the local history group has been doing on the Traveston rail disaster, 9 June, 1925 – 90 years ago. Unfortunately I missed exactly who the researchers were but found this on the Qld State Archives page.
    Traveston rail disaster 1925
  • Picture Sunshine Coast is a database of over 8000 photographs that depict the history and development of the Sunshine Coast. They are an excellent source for local history research.Sunshine-coast-library
  • What’s new? What’s on around SE Queensland. On duty today at QFHS from Family Tree Frog Blog.
  • Photo from the May General Meeting. Flowers and gift for our speaker Helen V Smith. More details about Helen’s talks on her website.
    Thanks Helen V Smith for the talk.
  • FridayFlashbacksFriday Flashback: Old material from our Library that might help your research today.
    This week a piece from a newsletter from the Peachester History Committee. It’s No 82, July 2008 on the collection of “information and memorabilia in preparation for the book we plan to publish in 2009.”. If you are interested in local weddings they researched then check out the Trove listing as it’s available in a number of libraries.
    Peacester History
  • The Legal Genealogist with her Term of the day: quarantine
    Coming from the USA, Judy G. Russel, is one of the bloggers I like to follow. Much of her resources and writings can be adapted for Australia.
    Term of the day: quarantine
  • Oldy but a goody….
    Genie Joke
  • The Ryerson Index of death notices appearing in Australian newspapers reached an amazing milestone last night – 5 million records. This FREE index is now the largest free database of Australian death information in Australia, and quite probably the world. It is also as up to date as yesterday. This excellent resource is well worth a look:
    Ryerson Index of death notices
  • Kent and Cambridgeshire parish records added to FindmyPast
    Update for British GENES blog.
    Kent and Cambridgeshire parish records added to FindmyPast
  • Birthday cake at last months General Meeting… You never no what goodies will happen at our General Meetings.
  • The New Facts View: Make Sure You Are Climbing YOUR Family Tree and Not Someone Else’s. Help with making sure you are not making mistakes using others trees on Ancestry.
    Make Sure You Are Climbing YOUR Family Tree and Not Someone Else’s

Family history finds collected another set of tips, genie jokes and useful links for doing your family research. These suggestions were first seen on the Caloundra Family History Page. Check it out and Like, thanks Fran.