TravelGenee Visits Historical Church in Cornwall

Historical Church Cornwall

TravelGenee Visits Historical Church in Cornwall

One thing I love about traveling is seeing places like this Historical Church in Cornwall.

St Mary Magdalene’s Church, Launceston in Cornwall, England is a Grade 1 listed parish church in the Church of England. Building the church began in 1511.¹  We were on holiday in 2011 when we took these photos.  Mr TG drive me around Cornwall visiting various locations. I had found these on censuses and other documents, cemeteries and historical places. Unfortunately I did not find any homes of my ancestors still standing.

Made of carved granite, the ornate outside is an exceptional piece of late medieval craftsmanship.²

I picked this church for the #GenealogyPhotoADay prompt, three, as it had it has 3 parts or sections visible. I don’t know the architectural name for this building type. The entrance, at the side, but other end, is more ornate.  The earliest know clock in Cornwall was fixed to the tower according to documents from 1431.²

Cornwall Church

Cornwall Church
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Sources: Wikipedia & Britain Express.

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  1. I am curious. I’ve done genealogy for years and my Keeter immigrant was actually a William Kitto born 1640 in Cornwall (if the research by myself, our group of distantly related Keeter cousins, and Pro-Genealogists at are correct). His parents were likely William Kittoe and Blanche Pengelly of Padstowe, Cornwall. William and his wife Dorothy Baker were indentured servants in Surry, Virginia. They belonged to Arthur Allen who built Bacon’s Castle – well known for being the site of an early rebellion by Nathaniel Bacon in Colony Virginia. When William’s sons moved to North Carolina, the name became Keeter.

    After a recent trip to New Zealand and Australia, I found that the pronunciation of Kitto was sort of similar to Keeter. Keeter is a rare surname in USA because it is the only family that changed the spelling to Keeter. Keeter’s are all related and mostly live in NC and Arkansas.

    Now to my question. If I visit Cornwall and the church in your blog, do you think anyone would have information, records, or know anything about the family name? Would there be a way to connect with Kitto families in the area? Would we be accepted as possible relatives? Sounds silly but that would be very enjoyable. Any advise you could offer about Kitto family name in Cornwall would be greatly appreciated.

    Your blog is very well done and I am enjoying exploration of it. We don’t have a url but we do have a new Facebook group for Keeter/Kitto in USA. link:

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